A5 + C5 multicast

Hi all,

We want to use it to send it IPTV services to the clients. We try to do it and seems the multicast traffic cannot croos over the link.

Thank you.

If the C5s, and the routers/switches/devices/IP Cameras are on differing VLANs then they will not get multicast traffic from each other. (Unless my understanding of VLANs is completely incorrect) All devices you want to get multicast traffic will need to be on the same subnet/vlan.

Ya, if you want multicast stuff to go between VLANs you need to config that in your router.

The A5 just works like a switch, such as in this example.

Sorry for my english. The idea is to forward multicast over the wireless link using the same vlan. The thing is we are using 1 vlan for internet, 1 for iptv… of course the multicast can not cross form one vlan to another one. We are trying to send the IPTV A5==>wireless==>C5 but multicast can not cross the link.

Oh, ya that will be a problem… where do you do your bandwidth limiting?

If you don’t do bandwidth limiting in the AP/CPE then you could combine the IPTV and Internet VLAN.

Otherwise you will need to add more CPE and put a router/switch on the customer side of the C5.

Sorry but multicast can not cross over the wireless link.

So your problem is both the VLAN and that Multicast doesn’t cross talk? I would expect Multicast to go across the wireless link.

I was talking with support and PTMP don’t support multicast over the Wireless link. They are working in it. Everything is working fine but the multicast traffic can not cross over the Wireless link. It is indifferent if it is with or without vlan id.

Guess they would know, will keep this conversation in mind for in the future. Thanks for the heads up.

It’s frustrating not being able to use multicast traffic with the PTMP. We are very happy with all of the PTP products and we bought the A5+C5 antenas to use it with multicast traffic. Was a big mistake to do it.

Ramon3, Mimosa does not support multicast at all, and I understand they do not intend to support multicast in the future.

You will need to create a tunnel across the A5 / C5 link to get it to work. Otherwise, there are other vendors that do a good job of supporting multicast if necessary.