A5 Cloud planning

Will the A5 products be added to the link planner? I would like to be able to model these products to determine if they might be appropriate prior to purchase.

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I talked to our reseller regarding this topic. The planning tool should have been released already, but it looks like they still have problems with something.
May somebody from Mimosa can give us more infos about this.
We are also waiting for the A5 planning tool to get available.
Would be nice if the available antennas for the A5c are also added to the planning tool.

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We are going to be releasing a significant update for design tool by next week. The next version will include support for both the A5-18 and A5-14, and we will be releasing the A5c a couple weeks later.


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yes is necesary tool upgrade why unic method calculation proyects susecc

Still waiting…

Over promising / under delivering is why I wrote ubiquiti off.

Hi Dominic,

Unfortunately we had various fires to deal with last week, including one where a major network location was hit with a signifiant brush fire.

We do have the new Design Tool changes staged and ready to deploy, but unfortunately we had to push out the release date a couple days to handing these unplanned issues. Watch out for our TechTuesday this week for more information!

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused.


Hey Scott,

Hope things are going better over there with the fires. I was looking at the A5 PTMP tool on the on the Design page and after adding an AP it looks like the coverage radius of the AP is very small. Is this an accurate representation of the actual radius or can we expect a larger service area?

Did you ever get a reply to your question Bryan? We see the same thing when trying to design coverage maps.

No reply yet but would still definitely like to hear more on it.