A5 General Discussion

General discussion about the A5 products for fixed Multipoint and Wi-Fi applications. While you’re anxiously waiting for the products to make their debut, let’s start by answering the many questions and comments you have!

Hi David,

First question… (Million $ question )

What is the current anticipated shipping date for the product ?



Faisal, welcome to the Community! Here is my first reply to your first question…

We are planning on having the access product shipping in Q4. It’s currently up and running at several sites and serving as our primary HQ access points. Here is the first public posted picture of an A5 in operation:


Cool, thanks for the reply and picture… :wink:
Are we talking about early Q4 or late Q4.

The only reason why I am pushing is because we have to make some decision on our 802.11n to 802.11ac PTMP network upgrade, which we have held back from earlier this year…


Super excited for PTMP


@Kent @Faisal Installing an A5 at Mimosa’s new Santa Clara office!


Nahh… don’t believe you, I think it is a dummy mock up radio… you will have to send it to us so that we can check it out and make sure it is a real working radio .



Here are a few pics I took last October :stuck_out_tongue: Cant wait to get these running on our network!


A few things I’d like in the A5.

  • Backwards compatibility with standard Wi-Fi, so it can be phased in where other brands of client radio are already in use. Plus of course intelligent arbitration with cooperating clients.
  • QoS options for VLANs, so VoIP etc. can be allocated high-priority capacity.
  • Absolute transparency above the MAC layer, so it does not assume anything about IP or other higher layers (unless operating in routing mode).
  • Site survey and spectrum analysis as background (non-blocking) processes, to keep track of “neighbors”
  • A “pole topper” mounting kit (for the 360s) designed to go above the electric space on utliilty poles (see the Vermont Telecommunications Authority site for their state-approved standard).
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Hi David, it’s a BelAir200, now part of Ericsson, but they were pretty cool wifi “kegs” back in the day.

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Are we still on for a Q4 ETA… I have a tower that will be ready to hang equipment on in the second week of Dec… and my boss wants to order UBNT equipment for it… I am pushing to wait for the A5 90 units…

@samuel at WISPApalooza we announced that the sector/panel solutions would start shipping in May for general availability. More importantly we also are adding multipoint software to the B5c so you’ll be able to use any dual-polarization sector antennas available on the market (the B5c solution may be out a bit earlier).

The A5-360 products will ship in February to general availability.

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Is it possible to know why it is so late the availability of A5 ?
Many months ago it could be read on website “summer/fall 2015” shipping…

When will the B5c in PtMP mode be available?
If it is available, can we use our existing Ubiquiti 60 degree AC antennas?

Also interested in the B5c PtMP availability. Will that simply be a firmware update? Can I buy a B5c now and expect it to support PtMP at a later date?

Also, will the B5c be able to push 1.5Gbps in PtMP mode or what can we expect out of that?

Free firmware update for PTMP for B5c will be available in May at the latest, and will work with any standard Dual Polarization panel or parabolic antenna. So yes, you’ll be able to buy now and upgrade soon!

Will the B5c be able to push 1.5Gbps in PtMP mode or will that be trimmed back?

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Would be nice to hear what happened to the Q4 release, problems, or manufacturing issues…


Can you really expect to find 160 MHz of clean spectrum with a 90 or 120 degree sector? I sure hope they don’t allow 2x80 mhz channels for PTMP as that would be a crazy waste of spectrum.

Can you update the information for shipping date for A5-90 Sector products?

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