A5 GPS sync and interop mode

As a relative small WISP we tried one A5-14 in interop mode with Mikrotik SXT’s.
So far we are very happy with the resuls. We cuadrupled the capacity of the APcompared to Mikrotik AP’s in our first test setup. (1xA5 + 52(!) SXT-n clients,) We could increase the assigned speeds from 15Mb to 50Mb and it works!

So now we are thinking of deploying our other 15 towers that all serve some 30-80 clients at most.
In total some 700 clients in total.

Now, the math is simple; 15 x A5 and A5c’s would cost us some 13 to 15K.
If we are to exchange all 700 client too this means another 7,5K of costs.

And this were we found that a Mimosa AP with 3rd party CPE is already a new league. 300% increase in capacity gives us a new leap against the competition.

How nice would it be if the AP’s still would be able to work in GPS sync (while in interop mode) so frequency re-use could still be use and make sence.

If this needs all CPE’s to be replaced we need to increase our spending with 50% of investment increasy were the performance increase would only be in the field of 10-20% if it is needed at all!

Could Mimosa consider to make the A5 series using sync even in ‘interop’ mode?
It would lure many WISP’s into using their product (and later replace their CPE’s anyway).
If not many WISP’s are probably not interested in a migration since the costs per client are simply too high…

hmm, I made a brain error. Sync can only take place if units are on tdma (“time devision”) scheduling.

So basicaly in ‘interop’ mode sync between towers is not possible since the tower itself is working randomly according rts/cts scheduling of each station itself…

I could not find a ‘delete’ option of my post, otherwise I would have…

Hola Rudy, te consulto si podes compartir configuracion de los cpe mikrotik con el ap a5, ya que estoy en un escenario similar, y no logro hacerlo funcionar correctamente.

This is an extract of the deviations compared to the default settings. Make sure to adjust all power levels to reach a homogeneous level spread of CPE’s hitting AP.

set 0 adaptive-noise-immunity=client-mode band=5ghz-n/ac basic-rates-a/g=6Mbps enabled channel-width=20/40/80mhz-eCee default-authentication=no default-forwarding=yes disconnect-timeout=3s distance=dynamic frame-lifetime=0 guard-interval=long hw-fragmentation-threshold=disabled hw-protection-mode=rts-cts hw-protection-threshold=0 hw-retries=3 mode=station nv2-preshared-key=#your key# on-fail-retry-time=100ms preamble-mode=long rate-selection=advanced rate-set=default rx-chains=0,1tx-chains=0,1 tx-power=20 tx-power-mode=all-rates-fixed wireless-protocol=any wmm-support=enabled