A5 GPS sync mode?

Thought I would ask if there is any time-frame on releasing the new firmware that should allow GPS Sync mode. We are deploying a few Mimosa sites (A5c and C5 clients exclusively). From what I understand there is a new firmware coming that will allow a mode other than “Wifi interop” to get some more performance and distance for a completely mimosa setup. Any ETA on this? Any more info you can provide concerning this? We adore the Mimosa products thus far, and based on this we may be placing A5 units at all of our sites.


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It’s due this quarter. I had an email exchange with Mimosa back in September and I was told:

“TDMA = GPS-Sync. Yes, both on the roadmap and scheduled for Q4 release. Exact date
depends on beta test results.”

… so finger’s crossed it will be within the next 6 weeks or so.


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Man I’ve been waiting for this so bad, must be many problems with the beta testing I suppose!

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We are signing off. We have 4 customers left to move to other equipment and be totally off Mimosa. We were unable to continue waiting without any input from the manufacturer. This hardware is more suited to hobbyists that don’t care about revenue, and don’t mind being perpetual testers without direction.


Please update this. Your product is more than promising. I am very impressed. Something other than wifi interop is needed. Where are we on this? Status would be greatly appreciated. WISPs are making investments in infrastructure. On the surface it appears Mimosa is moving to a back haul only emphasis company. Is that the case? Are we investing in a dying platform when it comes to P2MP with Mimosa? Please advise so we can place our hard earned sliver of a budget the right direction.


2.2.0 is now published to the support site http://ap.help.mimosa.co/a5-firmware

Please RTFM carefully as you need to learn the basics of client tuning when you switch into GPS Sync mode.