A5 high latency

The A5 sector shows too high latencies whith 40 CPEs associated.
The ping answer from the CPEs varies from 15 to 200ms in SRS. WIFI Interop shows worse values.
The frequencies used have low noise levels, PER values are below 2%.
The throughput used does not exceed 60Mbps in 40MHz.
Does anyone have a deployment with more than 40 CPEs per A5 and acceptable latencies?

While I don’t currently have 40 CPE on any one sector I was in the low 30s a while back.

Are you Pinging the C5# (C5, C5c, C5x) or the customer router?

I would recommend pinging something on the other side of the CPE (Such as the customer router) The software in C5#s that responds to Pings is running at a pretty low priority so it will frequently not respond to Pings very quickly.

Are you testing throughput somehow or is 60 Mbps just what you are seeing?

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Pinging to the router behind the CPE shows similar latency.
The 60Mbps is the maximum througput showed on the AP statistics.
Testing downlink with UDP packets could get a bit more on some CPEs.
Multicast ACL filters have been configured on the AP.
These latencies cause claims from online players.
Mimosa support does not answer to this issue.

Can you post a picture from an AP of the Clients >> PHY Stats Tab?

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Your negotiated rates (PHY Rate) are kinda wonky. Could be local noise at the CPE causing troubles…

One thing to try is http://ap.help.mimosa.co/srs-tuning-agc this helped me out a lot as far as throughput. I don’t go to as an extreme of dropping a client, I stop when I am at or near max rates on all or the vast majority of my clients and then I leave it for a couple days and might increase it further if I do not have any client drops. Then we go out and fix the bad ones, either bigger antenna or move them to a different sector/tower.

For example here is one of my sectors running 40 MHz. Almost all clients are C5s. The one that is at 7/7 is a bug because I use Firefox (The customer left our service because they moved and the antenna is disconnected.) My AGC Minimum Rx Power is set at -62 currently, but we have been moving it downwards slowly over the last couple months.


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You will definitely want to take a look at the customers with low PHY Rates, I know in Ubiquiti land bad clients will drag the rest of the sector down (by a lot) my experience has not been so drastic with Mimosa, but we implemented pretty strict rules about how strong of a signal is required for us to do an install around the same time we started running Mimosa. Failing an install sucks, but customers tend to understand when you explain that you don’t want to sell crappy service.

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