A5 Network Design

So I have experience with Ubiquiti products and at this point have one B5-Lite link working.

I am working on a new build-out that would have access to a 130’ water tower. There are about 400 homes within a 1/2 mile radius – hoping for market penetration of about 15%. Terrain is totally flat. Trees are about 60’ tall but most people have line of sight to the water tower.

Originally I figured the best bet would be to put an omni on top of the tower, but reading the comments here it seems like a better idea would be to put the omni about half way up the tower.

I am assuming that one A5 radio could handle 50 customers.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Keith Yoder

For your application you could use either our A5-18 and place it at the top of the water tower as it has an electrical down tilt and will provide 360 degree coverage to your target area. The other option is to use our A5-14 which has no down tilt and would perform better half way up the tower. The downside to placing the A5-14 half way up is potentially you will be blocked in one direction depending on the size of the water tower legs. We typically try and have around 30 clients per A5 to insure high throughput to all clients. Depending on your deployment timeline the A5-14 may be your best choice as it’s more widely available.

James Hong