A5 & UBNT clients

Tried to unlock all frequencies 4900-6100 and used Iraq-Licence but didn’t unlock !
when i tried to unlock using other countries it never allowed me to access the device.
device kept rebooting if other country were selected and re-requested key!

Run A5 for about 10 hours with 1 client (UBNT Device)
signal one moment= -51
signal another moment= -1
not stable signal

mcs one moment= above 100mbps
msc another moment=13mbps

ccq sometimes at 99% with mcs 2 but ping to customer is 500ms

I guess you must unlock all frequencies so we can try better channels that are now locked.

also i wonder if you can add a function to control MCS from AP side


Hi Nano,

Please see this post for the answers to your questions:

You may also be interested in this application guide for third-party clients:

Third Party Client Configuration with Mimosa AP

Enable RTS/CTS (Request to Send/Clear to Send) for all packets - Required
Set the RTS Threshold to 0 and verify the feature is not turned off. This sets the packet size requiring an RTS/CTS to zero and forces every packet to use the RTS/CTS handshake mechanism when transmitting. This helps reduce hidden node collisions by forcing the access point to respond to a station’s RTS with a CTS packet before the station sends a data packet. The access point’s CTS packet instructs all other stations not to transmit for a given time interval.

following this method makes Nanobridge take forever to connect. sometimes it will even never connect.

can you please publish a firmware so that frequencies 4900-6100 are open under "“WiFi Interop”"
i am going to lose users because 5150 to 5850 are all flooded with interference… and that is all i have for channel selection.

please open 4900 to 6100

also can you make “auto change channel” faster than 8 minutes?


muy difícil el trabajo con esos niveles de ruido , mas si se trata de interop , recomiendo que uses mimosa con mimosa el único lugar libre lo tienes por arriba de los 6100 .

After 2 months of testing, antenna changes, more than 100 tests with different CPE, the INTEROP MODE, does not work as it should or at least as they say, you can not go from 40 CPE to begin the problems.

After reading all the recommendations, and do everything recommended follow without functioning.

Validation by MAC Radios, does not work, and every 30 or 40 minutes there is a reboot.

With 45 CPE it does not reach more than 30Mbps.-

I hope in the new firmware help us to use Interop freely to be able to carry a migration more stable and without so many problems.

We have more than 4 AP A5c, of which we are already to lower them of our towers.

Hi Cesar,

We know of some users that have 60-70 non-Mimosa clients connected in WiFi Interop mode with higher throughput and no reported reboots. You might consider contacting our support group through the chat line or by email, and then we can make some recommendations.

Alternately, you could post some more details here (client list, firmware version, client type) so that other community members can help solve your problem.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’m in touch with the support, and they gave me the recommendations:

Placing the distance of each client (more than 50) took a long time to do this. Once you finish this job, the A5c will restart … and no data will be saved! lost time.

In addition we put all the parameters in our CPE (Ubiquiti NanoStation M5, NanoBeam M16 and M19) that until now we only get many claims and no solutions.

The migration was not what we expected, I know there are several cases in which it works, unfortunately ours after doing all the tests / changes we do not make it work.


Try upgrading your clients to 6.0.4, the latest. We had major issues with 6.0 and early release, once we upgraded the clients, PHY rates and MCS shot up. What we are oddly seeing is RX noise jump up and down on all of our radios but PHY rates and MCS index does not change. Not sure if it’s artificial or not.

Also, we get the same issue with distance reverting back to 0, even without a reboot. Apparently those distance values need to be very accurate as even a .4 change will cause issues unfortunately.

We’ve fixed the distance reset issue for non-Mimosa clients in upcoming firmware 2.3.0 which is scheduled for release in early June.

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