A5c / A5x customer limit


I’ve asked on this forum and Mimosa support and apparently you cannot limit customers on an A5c or A5x. Can we put in a feature request somewhere for the above - is this a requirement other WISPS would want?. Another nice to have would be the ability for multiple SSID’s ins SRS mode for the A5x but we’ll settle for those in Wifi Interop mode (such as available on the A5c).

I have not seen you ask, the A5x seems to have bandwidth limiting like the A5/A5c, here is the link for the A5x.

I have no idea how well it works, we do almost all of our bandwidth limiting at the tower, I have one A5 that I use bandwidth limiting on and it seems to work alright.

As far as having multiple SSIDs, I would guess it is a hardware limitation.

Hi William, no - I want to limit the number of customers that can connect to an A5x to 22 (default is 44), not limit the bandwidth.

Oh, ok. I see what you are wanting.

No, that is not a feature I have ever seen anyone else ask for, nor do I see much of a benefit beyond making sure your installers don’t connect a CPE to a sector they are not supposed to. (I actually forsee that kind of feature being a support pain because people will set it and then not be able to connect a new CPE device)

That said, if you really want to limit the number of CPE that can connect, one option you might have is to use VLANs and limit the number of VLANs to each of your access points through a managed switch/router. I am isolating my customers with VLANs right now quite successfully and it makes some management aspects of your network simpler. BUT! it will require quite a lot of network setup and configuration, so it is a bit of a pain in the neck.