A5C and beam forming with horns

I am planning out a new tower deployment with some A5C’s, and know you can get beam forming using the panel antennas, but I thought during the antenna selection video, that you could beam form with horns. Can anyone confirm this is possible? I can’t wrap my head around how this would work. RF Elements makes a dual horn mount, just not sure if it is worth messing with. Our furthest client would be 1km off this tower.


The beam forming is pretty basic, but is powerful enough to be able to handle differing antenna patterns.

From my understanding, the A5c is able to detect that each chain receives a signal from a client a differing times and strengths. The A5c is also able to talk to clients using only 2 of it’s 4 chains. What you can do with this is either point both of your horn antennas in the same direction and get the benefits of MIMO which can increase your effective signal strength by about 3 dB. OR you can point the antennas in different directions and get a wider field of coverage. (Note: you can do a mix of the two options as well with having some amount of overlap.

The running philosophy, if you have tower climbers and time, would be to initially setup the A5c radios in non-overlapping configuration then as you gain density you would shift the radios to more overlapping as you added radios/decreased antenna signal width.

Mimosa had a podcast for a while where they talked about a topic like this.

Thanks William… I found the podcast Dustin did a while back, where it was more focused on flat panel antennas, and showed horns at the end briefly.

I guess where I am struggling, is trying to relate beam forming to beam steering, which is done electrically.

As our tower is going up, we were hoping to be on the A6 line of products, but now we are trying to redesign to get he speed and coverage that we need.