A5c & C5c clients

good day everyone. we have deployed a A5c with 2 Rfelement Horn 90° , and last firmware release 2.5.2.
we have a C5c last firmware release , client of the A5c.

i like to how the AGC mode is working, because in this area, we have lots of trucks who generate wifi signal between -63 & -83 db.


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Good to hear. I too appreciate AGC and how it is able to improve throughput.

Hi we have deployed a A5c 2.5.2 , with a C5c, 2.5.2 for about 20m we are registering succesfully,
when we move away for 500m, the C5c do not register at all. reboot do nothing.
the 'channel&power setting are in AUTO mode, frequency is 5720ghz . SSID is broadcasting &the C5c do not see anything in the scan.
any idea?

I would try taking the A5c out of AUTO and manually setting your channel and power to verify nothing is going wrong on the software side.

If AGC is set to AUTO try going manual and leaving it at it’s lowest setting of -75.

Maybe double check your client is actually in the path of the horn, you have a clear LOS and all the rest…