A5C - C5X clients

Hi there.
Is there any possibility to deploy A5c with C5X as CPE ?
Im asking cause there are N5-45 x2 and x4 antennas.
Does they interoperate somehow ? Or do i need to use another antennas ?

The A5c is the connectorized version of the A5. Meaning it has connectors for an antenna instead of having the radio and antenna as a single unit. There are dozens of different antennas you can use with an A5c, each one is going to have different characteristics to meet different needs.

The C5 line (including the C5x) are all designed to connect to the A5 or the A5c for best performance in a Point to Multi Point situation.

You would use an A5c with either two N5-45x2 or one N5-45x4. The A5c has four “N-type” connectors, one for each of the radio chains it uses. The N5-45x2 has two “N-type” connectors on it while the N5-45x4 has four connectors.

So, if you have a high density situation where in a 45 degree angle from your Access point you are likely to have 20-30 clients, you may want to consider running an N5-45x4. If you are not looking at that high of a density, you can use two N5-45x2 antennas to cover a total of 90 degrees of area. If you are in a really low density area an N5-360 antenna might be the best option for you, or you can start out with one A5c with an N5-360 and upgrade to more radios and antennas as you get more customers.

As I said, there are a lot of different antennas, and options for the A5c. If you go to https://mimosa.co/accessories there is a little app there with a couple other brand’s antennas that Mimosa has verified that they work with the A5c.


I just also put out a podcast a couple weeks back that talk about approved antennas as well.

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I have a PTP to do tomorrow but I am wondering if I can use the C5x as a client for a B5c

@GEEKITEK Nope, the B line can only connect to other B radios. (If they are in the same frequency, so a B11 can’t connect to a B5 or B24)