A5c & C5x multi-service avialable?

Hello there!

We have A5c (firmware deployed with several C5x as clients. Can we provide several services (with different VLANs) to a single C5x and if yes, what configuration should it be?


I am no master with the VLAN config on Mimosa, but my limited understanding is that the A5/C5 combo only is able to spit out 1 VLAN for management and 1 VLAN for passing data, I believe you can have each CPE terminate a separate VLAN.

Here is the documentation I would refer to though:

Hi William5, thanks for reply!
I have looked through the documentation and it really seems that only 1 TPID Data VLAN can be configured on a single CPE.
Can we expect adding such multi-service feature in future?

I am just a shmuck who tries to help out here on the forums, I don’t actually have any Mimosa knowledge beyond what is publicly available. So I couldn’t say, though it seems like the problem would be kinda hard because the C5# product line only has the one Ethernet port, so terminating multiple VLANs wouldn’t be a great option. Passing a few VLANs through and terminating one though would be interesting…

That said, there have recently been some requests that were handled pretty quickly.

Another option, though I have not tested it fully, would be using other hardware to terminate the VLANs, Mimosa equipment can act mostly as a transparent bridge, so you “should” be able to put a router or switch that terminates the multiple VLANs you want and not do so with the C5# equipment. I don’t know if there would be other problems that could arise from this use case though, so I’d recommend testing it out.

William, thanks anyway, you gave us a great assistance!
We have tried adding lanswitches, but it seems the PtMP is working as a switch itself with A5c working as a trunk port and all clients working as access ports (meaning if we set DATA VLAN = “0” we have no services at all). I think it may be working in case we set up a PTP topology, but it’s different from what we need.