A5c Cambium antenna


Wondering if the Cambium ePMP3000 5GHz 90 Sector Antenna 4×4 MU-MIMO will work with the A5c?

Would you mind posting an exact model number? I have done a couple Google searches and I can’t find what you are talking about exactly. Maybe a store page would work.

Literally first result when I copied his entire text string into google lol.

@Ryan12, ok Mr. Smarty Pants, I was being lazy and only searched part of the text.

Well that antenna has 4x RP-SMA connectors, so you would need N to RP-SMA cables, or adapters. (Make sure you get the right male/female connectors for each side as well.) The A5c uses N Type connectors.

If that’s the antenna you were looking at, the antennas I was seeing were all 2x polarity for my Google searches. So you should make sure you order the 4x polarity antenna.


Was looking for a stopgap because of lock down but got hold of a N5-45.

Thank you