A5c connection to cambium force 180 client radio

Hi ,

Im new here .

just want to find out if any one has tried connecting a cambium force 180 radio to the mimosa A5c with success.

i have previously tried connecting a mikrotik SXTSqlite 5 to the A5c without success, now i need to swap a customers AP with A5c but all the clients are cambium force 180.
Any input will be welcomed


First off, the A5c needs to be in WiFi Interop Mode. (under “Link” settings)

Secondly, the Cambium Force 180 radios need the ability to connect to a “normal” 802.11 WiFi Network and you need to be able to set their Request To Send (RTS) settings. (normally it’s somewhere between 800 and 1600, it needs to be 0 or as close to 0 as you can get it…)

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