A5c interop con Mikrotik

Hola, tengo un escenario donde intento migrar de Mikrotik a Mimosa, para lo que monte un ap A5C lo que estoy cargando clientes Mikrotik LGH5. El problema que tengo que es que se desconectan, cuando sucede esto el ap deja de traficar por unos segundos y vuelve a traficar. En el Airtime Usage , la barra de interferencia de nada sube casi al 100%, y deja de traficar el ap por unos 4-5 segundos. En todos los clientes active rts cts, con un valor de 0.

Hi, I have a scenario where I try to migrate from Mikrotik to Mimosa, so I set up an A5C ap what I am loading Mikrotik LGH5 clients. The problem that I have is that they are disconnected, when this happens the ap stops trafficking for a few seconds and returns to traffic. In the Airtime Usage, the interference bar of nothing rises almost 100%, and stops trafficking the ap for about 4-5 seconds. In all clients activate rts cts, with a value of 0.

Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish very well, @DustinS or @Hector-M are able to take care of those questions. But they are not popping up so I will give you what I got.

it sounds like you have read: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/third-party-client-configuration
But it always helps to check.

What firmware are you running? There was a problem with Interop that it wouldn’t keep the correct distance setting, they fixed it a while ago in firmware, but it would cause longer lasting issues then 4-5 seconds.

How often does this occur?

Is it all of your clients on the A5 or just a couple on occasion.

If you have another type of CPE you might try swapping one of your customers over and see what happens.

Is there anything in the logs of the A5 or the CPE that might give a clue?

The biggest thing you need to do is to make sure to set the distance of your clients in the A5. If you don’t set the correct distances, you’ll have connectivity issues or the units will disassociate completely.

Lo más importante que debe hacer es asegurarse de establecer la distancia de sus clientes en el A5. Si no establece las distancias correctas, tendrá problemas de conectividad o las unidades se disociarán completamente.