A5c It stops working after the update

hi Apr 18 2020 08:19 AM (UTC) Mimosa-A5- A5/A5c only. Do not use for A5x PTMP
After downloading the update
The machine has stopped working
I tried to update to Apr 18 2020 08:23 AM (UTC) Mimosa-C5- For use with A5/A5c PTMP only
A message appears
Firmware upgrade failed!
Invalid image
I would like the previous version for the device to work

Well the second firmware you are talking about using is for C5# hardware (C5, C5c and C5x) that will be connecting to an A5c. So it will always give invalid firmware errors if you try to upload it to an A5/A5c.

The first firmware you were using was the correct firmware to use. Are you trying to downgrade your firmware to a previous version then I would try manually downloading the firmware from the Mimosa Cloud and doing the upgrade yourself.

What do you mean by “the machine has stopped working”?

Yes dear the device is not working now
I can no longer control the device due to the latest update
I would like to have an older conversation to return the device to normal operation
Thank you