A5c loosing cloud connection

I have a few A5c, and A5x installed. Now and then I loose cloud access to the station while they keep functioning, I can not access the clients either but I was able to verify that their session was still active through their PPPoE.
We were even able to link new subscribers to these stations.
How can I regain access to these radios without resetting them?
What could be the cause of these loss of access?

Hi Antoine,

It could be several things. I recommend connecting to Mimosa Support through their chat window at mimosa.co/support. They can help you troubleshoot the connectivity issues.

hi, I can confirm that the one A5c that I have is also losing its cloud connectivity – while still remaining functional.

That one A5c I had a problem with came back up on its own, and now another of my A5c lost it…

Yup - - mine is doing the same - sometimes off and sometimes on … though now – its been off – for quite a while

I have a hand full doing this.

I log into the radio and shut off cloud monitoring. Then I get a error. After turning it off a couple times and a few errors It shows “off” but cloud available then I can reconnect it.