A5c /n5-45x2/C5x PROBLEMS! again

Good afternoon
For more than 1 year we have 6 AP A5c, a few months ago we placed all N5-45x2 antennas, and no more than 29 CPE C5x with 16dBi Horn.
All C5x, are no more than 2.2km

The service is super unstable, all frequencies were tested, all C5x SNR (dB) greater than 23 and we could not have a stable ping always from 40ms to 190ms all the time, with traffic and without client traffic.

Who can tell us where to look for a Solution, for more than 2 years we have not been able to work well.

any idea of where to look for the solution …

AP config
Power 19dBm
Frq. 6100
SRS 50/50 (8ms)

Thank you so much

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My first question would be, where are you pinging to?

If you are just pinging the CPE then that is where your issues lie. The problem is that Mimosa doesn’t prioritize ICMP responses in their CPU, which is good, you want your C5# devices doing CPE stuff, not delaying customer traffic to deal with Pings and other such stuff.

If you are instead pinging customer routers/devices on the other side of the CPE, then there could be other issues. Could you post a picture of one of your APs Channel and Power settings page?

Are all of your APs on the same channel? If so, how much spacing do you have between them?

Could you give some more details about your testing procedure? A traceroute to the customer router might be helpful.

Are you saying you have 29 C5x devices on each of your A5cs?

yes i have 29 C5x devices on each of your A5cs.

I ping fron C5x (ste/client) to my gateway (3ms fron other radio same site)