A5C overloaded?

Hi, I’m just a lowly installer but was hoping I could ask this question. We recently started experiencing RX issues with our customers connected to one of our access points which is an A5C connected to an N545X4. Our clients mostly have 50/10 connections with a few 100/20 for a total of 38 clients connected to this AP. All of our clients are using C5X radios with 25db antennas. Customer connections signal range from -52 to -63 on 40mhz channel. Average connection distance is 1 to 4 miles. Is it possible the CPU in the A5C is getting overloaded with the number of clients? Would that result in slow download speeds?

Let’s start with just some simple math. Even at 50 Mbps, 38 customers would be 1,900 Mbps. The A5C says it has a 1 Gbps connection on it. They aren’t all pulling at once, so that’s not a realistic number, but it may be part of the issue.

Next, are things slow even when there’s not a lot of traffic? If slow even with not much traffic, if you disconnect some of the customers does it improve things?

Is there a particular time of day that things are slow? In other words, is everyone using the service at one time?

The spec sheet says up to 100 clients in WiFi Interop mode and up to 44 clients in SRS mode. Which mode is the unit in? If in SRS mode, you are getting close to the limit, but still within specs.

Hi all,

The sweet spot number for this is around 25 clients. While it will operate with 44 clients, I found that 25 in my network worked fine but going over and I started having issues with clients getting their 100M packages. This has to do with the timeslots being shared with all of the connected clients.

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