A5c problem again!

We just changed the management Vlan, and started the problems again … the A5c did not respond anymore !!!

We try to connect via wifi (2.4) and the A5c does not deliver IP, nothing works!

Then we tried to find that ip had connecting the A5c to a Mikrotik and did not hat anything.

Then connect it to a switch poe (netonix) and in the port is seen the IP with the MAC of Mimosa A5c.

It’s a lot … we always find problems … we do not see anything simple!

Hi Cesar,

It sounds like the problem may be related to the VLAN not being recognized by the upstream router or DHCP server.

The A5c WAN port is a DHCP client, and the IP address indicates that it is not receiving an IP address from the upstream DHCP server.

The A5c does not provide DHCP IP addresses to clients in normal operation. Instead, clients also receive DHCP IP addresses from the upstream DHCP server. If the A5c cannot reach the DHCP server, then the clients cannot reach the server.

The only time the A5c acts as a DHCP server is during the reset (recovery) process.

This document explains how the system works with DHCP: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/ap-faq-default-ip-address-password