A5c Rebooted due to BBIC halt

We had an A5c randomly reboot on its own this morning in our network. The radio does not have many customers connected to it (only 6). Looking back through the logs it shows the following:

[Boot_Reboot] Reboot reason: Reboot by a SW User Process - BBIC halt

Does anyone have any insight as to what this means or what may cause this to occur? FW version is



I am seeing the same error message on A5c but is running 2.4.1 firmware.

You will probably want to have a chat with Mimosa Support (Bottom right corner of the community page yellow button that says “Chat with us”) They will have access to the technical stuff that would explain the error “BBIC halt”.

If you would not mind coming back to the community forums and reporting the cause/solution I would be most grateful!

Chatted w/support. According to support, they feel we should update to the latest ‘beta’ code (

Per Support:
“So what I think may be best is to try using our patched firmware to resolves this. The bbic is the portion of the chipset that controls the radio functionality. It looks, based on the logs that there was an event that caused the service to lock up an cause the reboot to occur. is a stable build. It is considered a “patched” version of firmware, rather than a version that introduces a whole lot of features and services.”


Makes sense, I was thinking about your issue while I was doing some maintenance and I remembered that not having the correct Gain for your antenna could cause issues, some pretty frustrating and consistent issues actually. What areyour channel and power settings?

Completely different note: That is a pretty low AGC, unless you have a lot of poorly connected clients you should be able to get that significantly higher, helps a lot with throughput especially at peak times.

Back to the topic of conversation: Are you running the KPI antennas that came out a while back for the A5c? I have run beta code from Mimosa on my production network before, nothing bad happened, but we were pretty careful about testing it before hand and rolling it out. I can understand your hesitancy, but I would consider giving it a try to see if it solves the issue. Sometimes it is easier to say it was a bug and not have to deal with whatever the problem was if software will fix it.