A5c running hot?

I just put up my second A5c sector yesterday and it’s getting terrible performance. The noise floor is -100.

I have “auto everything” turned on but it seems like they’re running extremely hot with an SNR of 42 but PHY TX/RX of ~60. The transmit power of the AP is 22. Is my only option to change the settings to manual and lower the power? Even with a 20MHz channel, it should still be seeing ~130 PHY.

What I don’t understand is that device has an SNR of 42, but so does the device below and we’re seeing 700+ PHY. The only difference is the AP below is an A5-18 and the C5 below is running, while the above is

Hi Christopher,

According to the spectrum and PER graphs on the cloud, there is periodic interference causing high PER (up to -55 dBm at times) at the client.

Another difference is that the client is on a 20 MHz channel, whereas the client is on an 80 MHz channel.

Our 2.0.3 beta firmware has a bunch of improvements that may help. I’ll send you the latest off list.