A5c Sector Antenna Options

How do you plan to grow your subscriber base per Access Point and network wide? How many clients do you need to support?

What approaches do you hope to use to grow multipoint client capacity?

  • More smaller sectors (tighter beamwidth)
  • GPS sync (same location)
  • GPS sync (network wide)
  • Beamforming & Multi User MIMO
  • Expand to different spectrum (2.5, 3.5 GHz, etc.)

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What size Sector Panels do you plan to use in your network

  • 30º
  • 45º
  • 60º
  • 90º
  • 120º
  • 180º
  • 360º (including Mimosa style quad-90º panels)
  • “Friends don’t let friends use Omni”

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Now that we’ve announced the A5c connectorized solution for 4x4 and 8x8 sectors and the new KP Performance antennas, it would be great to get more feedback on sector beamwidth options from y’all. We need to keep feeding this info to our partners to make sure they’re making what you want!

I would like to see a 90 and 120 deg antenna.


I would LOVE to see some 90* sectors with slightly higher gain from KP. Their new 65* look nice but they’re lower gain than I thought and we don’t really need 6 sectors at most of our sites right now.

A perfect site for us now would be 4 - 90* antennas with 19-20db physical gain plus the additional 3db beamforming gain. We don’t need antennas as small at the announced KP sectors and they can certainly build us some larger 90* higher gain sectors to meet our preferred site builds.



Few of our customers use http://wireless-instruments.com/en/blog/products/antenna-for-mimosa-a5c for MIMOSA A5C.

There is one doubt why MIMOSA recommends HV antenna (A5c) for Slant Client (C5) ?

The answer is pretty simple, there is no mismatch or loss with the varying of the polarizations on MIMO radios, a common myth that does apply to old school microwave SISO radios. the MIMO technology itself addresses the losses and gains of V/H versus Slant on opposing sides. We’ve written an extensive 2 part paper on the topic here:


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@Darin Hit the nail right on the head with his reply. Any news on some 90’s coming out?

We’ve relayed this feedback to KP, we still don’t have any dates from them on this front. MTI does have the 90 degree antenna getting stocked by distributors as we speak we’re told.

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Consider also MIMOSA recommended antennas for A5C from Wireless Instruments: