A5C Sector Antennas?

Are sector antennas (90 or 60/65 degree) available for the A5c yet?

Hi Timothy,

The first 65 degree sectors are here: http://www.kpperformance.ca/mimosa-access-point-sector-antennas

Additional options are forthcoming.

whats the availability status or MENA region.

What would be the affect of taking the A5c and connecting say 2 dual pol 120 degree sectors and have them overlap 60 degrees in the center to cover 180 degrees? Would it be able to do beam forming for the area of overlap? would it be able to do the MU-MIMO for the client at 10 degrees and the client at 160 degrees?

KP antennas still appear to not be available, but we’ve got A5C radios in hand, what are our current options? Just have to wait, or?

I’m anxiously waiting to hear results on these A5C deployments with those KP Performance antennas.

Yeah, bump. How are those KP antennas doing? Also, will there be different sector sizes available? Some 30 - 45 degree sectors would be fantastic.

We have a single A5c up with the x4 antenna from KP. I’m not an RF engineer, but performance seems good. With clear LoS to a C5 about 1mi out, we’re hitting 350Mbps on the DL and 450Mbps on the UL.

Has anyone seen a mounting solution for installing a 360 deg site made up of 6 A5c radios and KP antennas? My installers were very unimpressed with KP’s included bracket. It required some modifications to attach to the leg of a Rohn 45G tower.

I was told with the 60degree panels if your customers are within a mile you can mount 4 in a 90degree pattern and not have an issue. If they are more than a mile you will see issues in the blind spots. Waiting for them to be available at Streakwave…

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David, this is also what I’ve been pondering. I believe the overlap at 60 degrees will give an extra 3dBi of gain from what I’ve read. But what I don’t understand is if the overlap between antennas on different channels. Say you have 2x A5c, 1 connected to 2x 120 degree antennas on channel 44 and 1 connected to 2x 120 degree antennas on channel 36. You would have 60 degree overlap at 4 points in a 360 degree coverage but 2x 60 degree overlaps would be on the same channel while the other 2x would be on different channels. Now with GPS sync, one could have the 2x radios on the same channel broadcasting the same SSID and maybe have the 3dBi gain in the 60 degree overlap for the client?