A5C typical power consumption

I see in the datasheet the A5c has a max power consumption of 25W, but I’m wondering if anyone has any typical power draw numbers (eg, under low, medium, high load, etc)?

I have tight power budgets for my solar sites and need to get an idea of likely draw.

This is a new site we turned up so the load is currently light. Around 10 customers have been cut over, split between the two A5c’s.

According to our Netonix switch the A5 draws about 12-13W average with peaks up to 15-16W.

Perfect - thanks guys, exactly what I needed.

@Joshua2, is that a B5 in the screenshot (as opposed to a B5lite)? 'cos I need B5 stats also :slight_smile:


Again according to the output on a Netonix switch: Our B5-L draws about 4.5W with peaks up to 5.5W


It is just a vanilla B5, no c or lite :expressionless:

FYI; According our Netonix an A5-14 with 60 clients draws about 14-15 Watts.

Another AP with a Mikrotik Netmetal is serving 40 clients and draws 3 - 3,5 Watts. I’d presume ubnt AP’s are in similar range as MT.
Maybe comparing apples and peers here but when you are thinking of converting your solar powered site into Mimosa you’d really need to account for the 3-5 times increase in power consumption… (That came to me as a shock too!)

We have one solar powered tower with 4 Netmetals that we want to change into two A5c’s. 4 x 3,5 = 14 watts will then be replaced by 2 x 15 = 30 Watts…pffff that’s more then doubling the hourly consumption!

Thanks @Joshua2.

@Rudy, yeah exactly! Although, I’m not converting a site (these are new ones I’m planning) but it’s an excellent point you raise. I’m used to the MT power levels. But then again, I guess the A5 has twice the number of radios.

Maybe there’s some optimisation Mimosa can do in future software releases to reduce CPU usage.

Thanks all. Some good numbers that will help with planning.