A5C why 4x connector

any ap radio from other brand use 2 connector, but you use 4 connector. why this configuration.
i need 90degre sector antenna because the building require this configuration, can i use only 2 connector from any dual polarity sector antenna?

“Other brands” use 2x2 MIMO, Mimosa uses 2 radios with 2x2 MIMO (which they call 4x4 MIMO). In reality it means that it’s a better version of two radios (in your specified scenario sector) since the integration gives several advantages.

The A5c will work either well or not so well at all with 2 pieces of 2x2 MIMO sectors (=4 connectors and directed as similar as possible), but the optimal and recommended is to choose a sector constructed for Mimosas 4x4 MIMO.

Using only 2 connectors might work IF you connect the right connectors AND configure the unit correctly (=lower performance since you only can use one radio), but I have not tried that and I would not recommend that - ever.

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Mimosa Access products use a 4x4:4 MIMO radio on the A5c, not 2 radios with 2x2 MIMO. Right now there are KP Performance and MTi Antennas available for the A5c that are 4 port and beamforming. All 4 streams are active so all need to be connected on the antenna. There is no way to ‘turn off’ any of the streams.


I am curious… What would happen if I used two sets of 2x Simper Horn Antennas stacked next to each other pointing int he same direction ?

If you have it, then try it :grin:
Otherwise I’d suggest what John wrote: “Right now there are KP Performance and MTi Antennas available for the A5c that are 4 port and beamforming” - and nothing else…

And by the way, John IS right. My information where based on the B-series…

I would like to know as well, an official position anyway.

When you point two sets of antennas in the same direction such that their patterns overlap, you get the combined effect of 2x the power sent in the same direction AND beamforming gain. In areas where the patterns do not overlap, these benefits are reduced or unavailable. The packaged 4-connector, 2-polarization sectors are engineered to maximize those benefits. Beamforming is managed by the radio, and the antennas are passive in this respect.

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Chris, so we’re planning on using 2x (2x2) 120 degree antennas on one A5c pointed in the same direction. Would this have the same benefits of a single 4x4:4 antenna? MU-MIMO?

Hi, should be OK, but I have another question:

  • How is the best way to mount that antennas? side-by-side or one-over-one ?
    Of course same direction.

Yes, where the antenna patterns overlap, you’ll have both the power and beamforming benefits. You would be sending twice the amount of energy in the same direction versus pointed them in different directions, and the radio would beamform to each client.

The C5 3 dB beamwidth is 14 degrees, so we don’t anticipate a significant difference between side-by-side or one-over-one antennas on the A5c, so long as the antennas are closely grouped.

There are several ways to accomplish MU-MIMO. I don’t want to confuse the distinct topics here, but this is a link to a prior response about it: MU-MIMO timeframe

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Did you have successful installation with two 2x2 120 degree sector antennas pointing in one direction with A5c device?
In pass few days I’m trying to make exactly the same installation without success, my A5c devise is working in WiFi Interop mode and all of my clients are MikroTik devices, the farthest is 1,4 km, When i connect all 31 clients on the A5c devise the throughput is very poor, and latency is around 100ms.