A5c with KPP-5SX4-90

Wondering if anyone has used the KPP-5SX4-90 with an A5c and what their experiences were. I’m building out a new tower site, nothing on it yet, and only wanting to serve a 180 sector. So instead of 4 N4-45’s I was looking at the KPP-5SX4-90. They come up as an option in the design tool, but have never used them.

Further reading, I also found this one KPPA-5HV5HV-65SA - looks to be a 120 degree sector antenna. Anyone able to share their experience with KPP Anteanna’s?

We have used several of the original flat panel KPP 90 degree antennas since 2017, they provide good coverage and we have not had any issues with them.