A5c Won't Boot on Tower

We have a potentially failing A5c on one of our towers, so we ordered a replacement.

We powered on the replacement, upgraded the firmware, and configured it. It ran fine in our office.

We tried installing it on the tower and it would not boot. The LEDs show (Power: Red, Ethernet: Green, Wireless: Off).

We brought it back to our office and tried, it booted and worked fine. The device was warmed in the cab on the way back.

We brought it back out to the tower and tried to install again, and again the A5c would not boot. We tried a new cable, a new mimosa Power Supply, and finally tried booting without the antenna attached. Every time it would not boot and the LEDs showed (Power: Red, Ethernet: Green, Wireless: Off).

We brought it back again and now it did not work in the office. The device was still cold from the truck ride. We left it plugged in for 20-30 minutes and it finally booted up.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work on the tower? Is there a new batch of devices (or just this one) that do not like the cold?

Put it in the freezer and see if it breaks again. If you can repeat the problem on command it’s probably a bad radio with some connector or solder joint that is bad.

We did bring it back outside after all of that for 30 minutes, but when we brought it in, it worked.

The team is back at the tower to try again at the moment.

We are hoping that once it is powered up, it will continue to work.

I would get that thing stupid cold, having to climb towers sucks in cold weather and I would struggle to trust a device that had acted so weirdly to not repeat the same problem without some pretty good testing.

You might try pulling a support file from it to share with Mimosa, might be that they will see something that we can’t.

We have 2 out 4 of those A5c new out of the box acting the same way on a new tower that we just put up and not in service yet. They started up when we programmed them in the office and moved them to the location and started back up on the ground. Placed them on the tower and worked for a few days and then went nonresponsive. We tried to reboot them by unplugging the cable going up the tower and it may or may not restart. The power light is red and ethernet is green and watching it from the ground they just keep trying to restart. Tower crew is coming back to work on them in a few weeks. We were asked to factory reset them if we could get into them. Since that request we have not been able to into them. I am curious to see if you find the problem. I am afraid too put them back up if they still have an issue. We do have replacements on hand

I would have liked to have more testing time, but the situation demanded a fast timeline. We got the Baltic’s last A5c at the time, but we have more A5cs on the way, shipping is just not as fast. We should have had it stocked, but things fall through the cracks (we only use A5cs on one tower).

We ended up bringing the new radio up the tower wrapped in a towel stuffed with hand-warmers. Once it was running, it stayed running. It worked well over the weekend. As soon as the new A5c’s come in we will replace it and test it out, but It is up and running for now.

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@Kenten, that is awesome. LOL, 11/10 smart move.