A5x - C5c PTMP Connections

See if anyone out there has an explanation for this one. Location A (My Tower) has C5c and 30 dbi 2’ dish. Location B (Customer) has C5c and 30 dbi 2’ dish. Currently operating in PTP mode.

Customer wants additional connection on same piece of property. So this is what I tried. Changed C5c at Location A to A5x. Changed C5c with new C5c that had been preconfigured and connected to the A5x in the shop. New C5c will not connect in the field. It will see the A5x and ESSID at -65, but will not connect. Same Antennas, Same Cables, Dishes were not moved. Put original C5c’s back in place, linked right up. Bring new A5x and C5c back to shop and they link right up.

Is there some type of distance limitation on the A5x? That appears to be the only difference in shop and field. The link is 17 miles from a tower to a hill top with a valley between. No LOS issues.

Also, I have already had Mimosa Support log into the radios and verify settings and firmware.

What did they say about distance limitation?

Hi folks,

In SRS mode, you’re limited to about 15mi/25km. In Wifi mode, it might work. Which mode are you running? Also did you change the C5c on the Location B end from PTP station to PTMP station?

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On A5x i would double check your settings at the cpe side to see if it is ptmp mode and then try to link up again . after changing the operating mode do a power cycle 2 times just to make sure the new settings take effect and also lock it to the station at Loc:A then it should link up all the time , Dustin S is correct to as well .

When you say might, what do you mean? What would prevent it?

All of the settings have been verified and we actually defaulted the radios multiple times to insure they were in PTMP mode and on the correct firmware.

I’ve only ever tested A5c at super long distances on PTMP wifi mode. It worked but not well. I’m not sure abou the A5x. We’ve never tested super long distance since it was only meant for short range PTMP connections (<10miles).

Edit: Clarification on super long distance. This was our 56 mile PTMP shot for our solar relay site (video on YouTube).