A5x Client reporting on Dashboard - and I missing something?

So, I have been playing around with an A5x for the first time and while Firmware 2.9.0 seems packed with features I see to be struggling with the Dashboard client list.

In Client Overview the help shows:
“The Client Overview pane shows current client information. This information includes UL (Uplink) RSSI in dBm, DL (Downlink) RSSI in dBm, UL PHY Rates, DL PHY Rates, UL TPUT (Throughput in Mbps), DL TPUT in Mbps, UL Airtime percentage, and DL Airtime percentage. The purpose of this chart is the help quickly diagnose client radios that are having connectivity issues.
These can be ordered by RSSI (dBm), PHY Rates, Airtime %, or Throughput (Mbps).”

However I do not see “DL (Downlink) RSSI” - Just UL (Uplink) RSSI :

From what I see here - there is no DL (Downlink) RSSI being reported - So I can not sort by that metric.

Am I missing something? Do I need to enable something? Have any others had this issue?
Some specs of my set up:
Device: A5x
Firmware: 2.9.0 (Build date: 2021-09-13 )
Mode: WiFi Interop

Just for fun / testing I will reboot into SRS mode and provide a screen shot showing that too.

So, perhaps this a programming “miss” - but it does seem to appear in SRS mode:

Per this - we also seem to be missing: “UL Airtime” and “DL Airtime” - I thought that the A5c in WiFi Interop mode had “airtime” - but I guess it is not in 2.9.0 for the A5x.

WiFi Interop mode on A5c:

By the way - this graphic is awesome and I would love to see it in SRS - but I understand that may not be possible.