A5x - configuring vlans + mikrotik switch

So I had no problems with configuring A5c A5-14 witch mikrotik switches (CPE mngt, Data vlans), all was working properly.

Now for A5x MNGT Vlan, CPE MNGT Vlan are working fine (normal vlan configured in bridge) but for DATA vlan i need to configure bridge port pvid for it to start working… and this does not help for long…

I am not sure what your question is about, do you want help configuring a Mikrotik Switch or an A5x?

If you are using the same config on your switch as you were for your A5/A5c radios then it should work fine, the config on the A5x is just a little bit different. (All of the settings are in “Client Configuration” under Networking)

This is what I am using to tag/untag a VLAN to a specific customer on an A5x