A5x customer limit

Good day,

The maximum number of customers supported on an A5x in SRS mode is 44 (if I’m not mistaken). Is it possible to change that limit - let’s say for some reason I only want to allow a maximum of 30 customers/connections?


Interesting question… TBH, I don’t know, I doubt it would be a feature that Mimosa would implement, would just cause support tickets for people who set it too low and then couldn’t connect clients to that AP or whatever.

That said, maybe you could contact Mimosa Support and ask?

There is no way to set a lower max than 44. Unfortunately you would just need to make sure you don’t add more than 30 clients.

If you run 30 in SRS (or Interop for that matter) they had better all be 25 Mbps services or less. SRS will cut the total throughput for the A5 in half and in Interop it’s only just north of 210 Mbps for the device.