A5x doesn't support DHCP Option 82?

So I just saw a random post on a group where someone was excited about getting the A5x. Then the first comment was…“Hope you don’t need Opt82, doesn’t support it”. So now after ordering ours I’ve been reading through the firmware release notes and a little worried this isn’t supported. Can anyone in here confirm this? I haven’t yet unlocked one and taken a look at to confirm.

First apparition:

Last update:

Those release notes don’t apply to A5x. I know the A5c has it as we use it currently. Firmware for A5x is and doesn’t appear to support opt82.

DHCP Option 82 will be available in 2.8.1. It should be in beta pretty soon.

Sweet! And thanks for fixing the Beta accounts. I’ll be looking for it very soon!

Looking for info on when A5c will support 2.8.x firmware - same as C5x’s, C5c’s etc
Any idea when this would be out for A5c’s?

I can say that I upgraded two C5’s to 2.8.0 and it hosed the ability for those clients to be viewable by the A5c AP - funny thing was that the clients where still connected, and could surf, but A5c complained about a firmware mismatch. Downgrade fixed issue.

So, if someone could point to a release date for 2.8.x for the A5c’s / A5’s that would be really nice.

If you look at the release notes 2.8.0 is only a capable with 2.8.0 on A5x. The A5/A5c use only 2.5.2 or the new 2.5.3 betas.

Yes I did see that.
I wanted to point out that while the client radios have an update available, the current firmware ( of the A5c is not compatible - but the client radio still allows CPE access. (Phew!)

Really unsure why a firmware update came out for client radios, but not for the AP that they connect to…

heheh I guess they really wanted to have PTP mode and branding in the firmware for the client radios!

Eagerly awaiting 2.8.something for A5c’s and the like however!

That’s what I’m saying. They released 2.8.0 firmware only for radios connecting to the A5x PTMP. So like us we have to use 2.5.3beta10 on our A5c’s and CPE’s, then 2.8.0 on A5x and the CPE’s that are connected to them. As far as I know I don’t believe they will have 2.8 for the A5c’s but that’s a DustinS question. I was confused at first also so I understand.

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I got ya now - I guess I have not been asking for Beta stuff much.

Thanks for making it all so much more clear, as I never looked / saw 2.5.3beta10 for A5c’s.
Think I will stick with major release on those for now!

I will say if you have any back-hauls like B5 or B5c’s, update them to 2.8 NOW! It greatly improved our throughput on our 5Ghz back-hauls.

A5c and A5x don’t use the same firmware? I erroneously loaded a C5c firmware onto a C5x and it worked flawlessly, also the reverse. I suppose it will be the same for other models, although it would be good if someone clarifies it.

C5c and C5x use the same firmware, regardless if it is labeled C5, C5c, or C5x.

The A5c and A5x are two completely different beasts. A5x will not accept 2.5.3 or lower and A5c will not accept 2.8.0 or higher at this current time.

What is the status on getting Option 82 on the A5x’s? Would really like to have that soon.

In beta, there have been some issues with the beta firmware, but I don’t follow the option 82 stuff so I am not much aware of it’s status, just that they have been working on it and some people seem to think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The 2.8.1 Beta is in pretty late stages so I would suspect it will be hitting GA in a couple months, Mimosa has been working really hard to do good firmware releases recently which takes time.


Firmware version 2.8.1 just came out today and it has DHCP Option 82 available.

Option 82 looks good on it. Quick question. The A5c had option to turn on CPE Data VLAN and have a default CPE Data VLAN. I don’t see that option for the A5x. With out that we have to manually set each client a data VLAN in the AP. Is this a option what will be coming for the A5x as well?