A5x Issue Please help!

Guys, hoping someone can chime in here. This is not an issue with only my equipment, I have talked to other WISPs experiencing the same thing. See attachment, After > 29 days the A5x will start to loose clients, they come back as the MAC address and never resolve to the host name, and will not pass traffic in this state. Only a reboot of the AP fixes the issue. Running the latest firmware I need an answer please!

Roll back to another version?
Maybe there is Bug in this firmware version.?
Usually a radio showing up as MAC address means that the radio has not completed getting its config.
Do the radios firmware MATCH the AP - weird things happen if they dont.
Check all those things and let us know.

If you do roll back to another version - do the same for the clients to they MATCH


Yes all firmware match AP to CPE. We’ve seen this issue on at least the last two releases. I guess we could roll back further, but it only happens + 29 days uptime every time. I haven’t seen the issue pop up anywhere under 29 days uptime. It’s bizarre.

To be that specific, but not so specific as to happen at exactly the same time, every time, makes it sound as if they have a resource leak in the firmware coding.

I actually saw this once and did an unlock via the cloud and moments later it was fixed.