A5x randomly stops passing traffic

Hi all,
New to the forums, but have a strange question. We recently changed out all Cambium gear for A5x/C5x links. For the past week, we have had random customers lose all internet, but the C5x is still connected and has an IP. The A5x are connected to netonix switches.

Rebooting the A5x occasionally works, but rebooting the netonix switches solves the issue temporarily. STP is turned off, and we are reusing the same cables/ports as the Cambium APs were using and we never had this issue.

I will also be the first to admit I am no expert on the A5x, and I didn’t know if there were settings on the A5x that might be causing it. Firmware on both is, and the netonix firmware is updated.

The logs on the netonix and the A5x don’t show any errors or loops or anything really. And it’s never all the people on an A5x. It would be like 5 people on 1 of them, and 3 on another. Next time, it’s a different set of users. totally random, and didn’t start happening until we deployed the A5x/C5x

We are grasping at straws, so any help would be appreciated.


Very interesting, no I have not seen anything like this, but maybe I am missing something.

Here are some preliminary questions that are more for understanding the situation.

Have you talked to Mimosa support about this issue yet? Anything useful from them?

How are your customer connected back to your network? Are you running the Mimosa C5x radios is plain Jane Layer 2 mode

What are you using for your router?

Are you able to Ping the C5x when the customer goes down?

I have talked to Mimosa support. They seem to think there’s some self-interference going on, but on one of them, we are using a frequency that has nothing else on it. Neither end of the connection shows any interference. The signal is -54 and the PHY is 399/356
The customer router is a TP-Link deco.
We are running layer 2 across the network with Netonix switches. STP is turned off on all the switches.
The pings continue, but they run about 22ms and then will jump to 280ms plus and it will stop passing traffic.
Not sure if that helps or not.

What are you using for your Tower/core router?

This feels like the MAC tables in the Netonix Switches is getting goofy. Or maybe an issue inside the A5x themselves, but that doesn’t sound right.

do customers drop while using the internet or do they look at a device and realize that they have no connectivity?