A5x Rouge Client Associated to my radio, on and off


I’m using the A5x as an AP in interlop mode, my client is using the litebeam M5s as radio set in Bridge mode, I’m curious on how the hell this random ubuiquti client was associating and disassociating to my radio. I’m currently over taking a place which means I’m pushing on the other provider pretty hard. I can’t use the ACL feature on the A5x because I’m not using mimosa client radios. That rogue client would only associate for a minute or less then become disassociated. Any ideas how they are doing this, my link password is not weak that is for sure. They can’t get beyond that hopefully with the way I setup my switch. I also have Rogue DHCP server enabled on the A5x.


Sounds like they are associating to the AP but it’s not being authorized because of a password mismatch. So this is why you see it show up for a moment then drop.

That is unless they figured out your password and only associating for a moment to test, but that doesn’t make much sense if you’re seeing it associating and disassociating multiple times. Most likely the first scenario.

Yea, and once you can move to SRS mode - they should not even be able to connect to you! (Pass Rejection or otherwise)
They prolly have your SSID - and this is going to take up CPU cycles I would think - so get all of your clients changed over to SRS compatible devices if you can / plan to do that asap.

My client radios only work in Interlop, It appears SRS is a protocol Mimosa created so it would have to be their clients which are insanely expensive where I’m building. I think using RADIUS will help too so I spun that up the other night.

I may be wrong about the SRS thing - but I think that only Mimosa Radios can connect to SRS and third party radios wont even try? If you have radius and Wifi Interop - then clients will still try and I would assume you would still see the same issue you have now. (We use radius and are pretty happy with it - but also SRS)

That was why I was saying switch to SRS - Mimosa radios are not that expensive (ish) if you find them from a good distributor. I guess the expense comes in when you start adding antenna’s - we budget about $40 / $50 for the antenna (Assuming 20 dBi N5x-20) and about $80 / $100 for the radio - so yea that is $120 to say $150 (Oh and shipping) per client to upgrade.
But once you do and move to SRS then clients usually get better signal, things go smoother and my assumption is that you wont get radios trying to join then drop off that are not allowed. (DustinS may be able to confirm that with SRS?)

I guess it is up to you if you want that expense or not - but I have to say we use SRS and it really does seem to help the clients stay connected and deal with noise.

Ya i think I should just bite the bullet and go with mimosa clients, I’m from America and am building this in Mexico and most areas never seen good service so I want to show them how good it can be. We are small yet so now is the time to switch. Thanks everyone for your input.