A5x Third party radios


What are you all using for client 3rd party radios with the A5x?

Ubiquiti’s M5 radio line are classics, I guess there’s some TP Link radios that would also work. Really any radio that supports 802.11N and allows you to set the RTS (request to send size) to “0” should work alright.

Yes I have a A5x using a mANT 15s sector and the client radio is a ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 and it is working great

What are the max distances of the customers?

@Massimiliano, whatever RF propagation and your noise environment allows for…, Note, you do need to manually set the distance for each of your clients, but I don’t recall any particular distance limitations in Interop Mode, Mimosa’s design tool would probably be of more help then I in answering that question.

Agreed with the statement below, my customers are like 300 meters at about -46db