A6 3rd party client compatibility?

Hi all! has anyone tested if the c6 is still compatible with 3rd party client radio’s like the Mikrotiks 802.11n/ac products in interop mode ? @DustinS is it possible ?

We are intrested too

Hi there. I suspect you mean “Is the A6 compatible” with 3rd party clients? I can connect my phone and laptop to the A6 just fine so a third party client should work as well as long as it has basic wifi mode. I have not tried an N product, just AC and AX.

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Thank you for the confirmation!! We don’t want to put in a great investment only to find out we cannot get it do do what we need it to. We a wisp that will be connecting Mikrotik AC clients to it. So we can finally have an AP that can take not only 100’s of clients but also offer high throughput.

Thanks @DustinS