A6 and C6 updates.....Please?

Now that Wispamerica 2022 is over will Mimosa please give some kind of public update about the Mimosa A6.

@DustinS was on FB a couple days ago (welcome back BTW) and he was saying late 2022 IIRC.

Building entirely new equipment has gotten rather difficult it seems in this brave new world of shortages and shipping delays.

He actually replied to me on FB and privately on LinkedIn. I was surprised(in a good way) to see he was back with Mimosa.

Sure, I can give a quick update, we have started early Beta testing of the finalized hardware, and begun the FCC certification cycle (for 5 GHz), so we hope to be producing and shipping first units in May/June timeframe in WiFi interop mode. Some of the distributors have indicated they’ll air-ship some quantity, and the sea shipments are quite slow right now so the larger volumes will arrive in the late summer. We’re also on track to introduce GPS sync over the summer.

The 6 GHz FCC AFC process though is somewhat behind this extending into 2023, but ISPs with STAs would be able to work with us on an experimental basis until we can get FCC certified with an AFC partner.


I know things slide/change/delays. @Jaime would you please be so kind to give us the latest on the release and supply chain? Thank you in advance.

How can we get started with you on an experimental basis?

You need to file for an experimental license with the FCC, you can perform an license search to get an idea of what others have filed, or hire a frequency coordinator to do this for you… Here is the starting point → OET Experimental Licensing System Electronic Filing Site

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The links on that page are all dead.

You file a form 442, link is valid.

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Anyone have experience filling this form, any help, thanks