A6 and C6x Timeline to Market

Is there any sort of timeline we can go by here? We are trying to plan deployments of the A6 this year but without even a general sense of a timeline it is very tough!

Any hints would help. I scrounge Google for an FCC approval daily but would like to hear if anyone knows anything further than waiting for FCC. Do we know what stage it is at and how long we anticipate it being there?

Looking for any useful info for our business planning

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Hi @Tim11,

From the Mimosa side of things, this radio is coming along very nicely. I’ve been doing field testing on it for several weeks now and it’s doing very well. At the moment, it is looking like it will be shipping by the end of May, but as always, things can change!

As for the FCC, they are being the FCC. They keep pushing the 6GHz stuff back so maybe they’ll have it ready by the end of the year. That shouldn’t stop folks though as many have already applied and received 6GHz experimental licensing for A5c and I think even one customer has already started their A6 experimental license.

To start doing your own experimental 6GHz license, you can go to this site: OET Experimental Licensing System Electronic Filing Site