A6 and Canadian Experimental License

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Any Canadians having trouble getting an experimental license to test the A6 in 6GHz? ISED won’t issue an experimental license for the Mimosa A6 due to what they called red flags that they saw on the datasheet (I think it was about the asterisk that refers to “frequency use determined by country’s regulation”). They didnt explain further but it seemed their main sticking point is they dont want to issue us an Experimental License due to them not knowing if Mimosa will have AFC certification at any point in Canada and they dont want us wasting money on equipment that they believe may not work fully based on ISED’s limited knowledge of the A6 product.

I have opened a support ticket with Mimosa support (# 00142888 ) about the questions ISED has for them however its been over a week without a reply so Im asking the Canadian Mimosa community for what their experiences have been so far with A6, ISED and experimental licenses?

My understanding is ISED is also far behind on getting their AFC database setup so I honestly don’t know who to poke (ISED, Mimosa?) so I can get to work testing this product in 6GHz.

Currently only able to operate a 20MHz channel due to spectrum limits in U-NII-3

Just want to clarify I am not trying to criticize the A6 or Mimosa. I reread my post and thought I may have came across that way. I am seeing surprisingly high speeds for a 20MHz channel. I just want to be able to test the unit in 6GHz where it should permanently live so I know we are prepared for the future. If I can prove the 6GHz performance and that I can have confirmation it will eventually be able to operate legally in 6GHz later on then Im fine with the A6 starting in U-NII-3 and moving up to 6GHz and larger channels later.

I believe there have been a couple of Canadian Mimosa customers that have gotten experimental licenses for 6GHz. The FCC has a way to look up experimental licenses. Does ISED have a similar system?

Hi @DustinS

Thanks for the reply. Funnily enough I was issued the license this morning. I am at conference so I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it but I’m suspecting they must’ve just been cautious as it sounds like there is an incumbent in my area. I will update you with how things go but I’m assuming I will need to contact support with the license information to proceed with my testing in the 6GHz band.

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Yes please contact us when ready. Have a good CanWISP show!

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Interresting, who is your ISED contact? I ask for a licence months ago and they said "you have to wait our database system to be ready, we cant give you an experimental licence’'. Is your licence for a PTP ou PTMP ?
What province are you in?

I am in Ontario and just went through the experimental license application page. I applied beggining of March so maybe things have changed since when you applied. I don’t have a specific contact , I just communicated with the person responding to my application and the person that dealt with my case was named Alex. I see there is a database file available for download on the spectrum management portion of ISED so maybe they have at least made a spreadsheet of incumbents and can now issue experimental licenses.

Edit: licence is for PTMP with station count limited to the station locations submitted for license.