A6 Beta 5 Crashes reboots and GUI unusable

Recently installed beta 5 on the AP and the C6x CPE. Since it was installed the GUI is dang near unusable. It hangs and refuses to load. When i finally get into the GUI i change the channel and for what ever reason the AP decides to almost freeze up and then reboots itself and reverts to 5190 mhz at 4 dB of power. Ive loaded this firmware on 2 of my APs and its acting the same on both of them. Reverted back to Beta 4

After some further testing it appears as if the GUI crashing and becoming unresponsive is correlated to CPE count. We currently have around 22 CPE on the highest loaded AP. During peak times its moving around 150mbps. The unit is dang near unresponsive during these times. The association count is severely off, the wireless statistics dont work, when ya change the channel and the power your liable to crash the whole unit or it simply wont change the channel or when it does itll go to some random channel that it chooses. Firmware has a long way to go to even be useable, let alone primetime.