A6/C6x Powering

Hi everyone!

I know you’re all looking for updates from me. This post isn’t about firmware, though. This post is about power for the A6 and power for the C6x.

I want to make sure everyone is using the correct PoEs for A6 and C6x because I’ve seen various posts about latency or complete dropouts when doing testing.

The A6 should be using the 502-00022 PoE. This is a 50v 1.5A 60W PoE.

The C6x should be using the 502-00030 PoE. This is a 24v 1.25A 30W PoE.

If you are using the 22 PoE with the C6x you run the risk of the units not working correctly, which I suspect most of you are using. You can also use other compatible power supplies with similar output as well. I’m sure ISP Supplies, Streakwave, and other Mimosa distributors or resellers can get you the correct PoEs for this.

Why don’t you just include these.

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FYI Mimosa has some typos again on this data sheet. One such example is it says the 502-00030 PoE sends 50v on 1/2 and 4/5 pins and runs 60w which it absolutely does not.

Hi Pierre. Thank you for that. I’ll get that over to the correct folks so they can fix it.