A6 Cant select TX power higher than 14?

We are new to the entire mimosa ecosystem and have invested quite heavily in the new AX platform. During the planning phase, the cloud through mimosa will let you select up to 24 on TX power. However, in the radio, it seems as if 14 is the highest that you can select. Is there some setting that im missing? I cant imagine this is due to regs, even at the 20 thats available in a few channels your still over the EIRP limit. My guess is if theyre limiting you based of EIRP then theyd truly limit you.

Sounds like EIRP limits. While you can set the radio as high as you want, it’ll only transmit whatever the EIRP is. So 16dBi antenna (not counting beamforming) + 14dBm TX power and you get 30dB EIRP.

The design tool will let you design whatever you want as it is just calculating from the figures you put in. You would need to set the parameters correctly to get a better estimate of what the A6 will cover.

Will c5x programmed in SRS mode and with firmware associate with a new A6?
Does A6 need to be in specific mode like Ax or AC? and does c5x programmed in SRS mode with latest firmware change anything in reference to associating with an A6?

Ill paint a scenario to get better clarity. Lets say I have deployed on a tower 3 sectors lets call them Alpha Beta and Charlie. Alpha is A5c In SRS Mode with Beta is A5c in SRS mode with and Charlie is A5x in SRS mode with latest firmware 2.12.0. If I deploy a new A6 lets call her Delta, to help those 3 existing overloaded sectors, am I looking at any brick walls to push any of those c5x on to the A6? (With the exception of rf interference etc.) Thanks. From Texas

Hi @eduardo1, will not work with A6. Once we have a new build that supports A6/C5x, you will need to upgrade to that firmware.

The C5x will need to be in Auto or Wifi Interop mode for this to work as well.

So for your scenario, you’d have to do the following once C5x can be used on the A6:

Install the A6
Change the A5cs and A5x to Wifi Interop mode and wait for the clients to re-associate.
Upgrade the clients to the new firmware
Change the SSID in the clients to match the A6

OK, so the EIRP Limits on the AP i guess ill buy it. Now, why is the TX power on the C6X limited so severely? with the built in antenna it will not go past 18 dBm. Thats definitely not the EIRP Limit. 6-8 dBi for the built in antenna and 18 dBm for power is at 26 dB EIRP.

My point is, on one hand i get that the cloud tool will “let you input” whatever you want. hell why stop at 24 though, make the drop down box go all the way to 100! Its very deceptive at best. You are so limited on power and everything else that you are hoping that people that arent real familiar with Mimosa stuff (such as myself) will buy it expecting X based on YOUR predictions and then after a total of about $20K worth of investment into a new platform that had to be ordered well over a year ago we get it in our hands and discover that itll only do Y