A6 Client Isolation?

Hello and Happy Friday!

I was just curious if client isolation is enabled on the A6? I didn’t see any setting for it but a quick forum search shows users discussing that on previous gen products it is enabled and had no ability to disable it. This is fine by me since I’m mainly asking to make sure client isolation is enabled on the A6. I only have one C6x CPE connected so the question hadn’t crossed my mind till now since we will be adding more soon.


I do not see any options to turn on or off.

I reckon they are trying for the most useless interface ever created…
Why not improve? No PTP options and a useless A6???

Mimosa refuses to say when if a B6 will be available so I guess it is back to Siklu and UBNT. : )

@Pierre1 It’s not a feature yet in the firmware. It is on Mimosa’s road map though. We kind of like keeping our AP’s doing the least amount of work possible, so we do client isolation through our firewalling.