A6 Firmware Roadmap? AFC Updates?

@DustinS Is there any roadmap for the A6 firmware that you can share? Also, any update on AFC implementation? Last I saw the FCC had conditionally approved some vendors for testing, but that was back in November. Curious if you have heard more.

Howdy, Ben. There is a roadmap I created a few weeks ago for internal use. Unsure if it’s something I can share. I would suggest emailing a Mimosa Sales rep and have them schedule a time with you to go through a roadmap presentation if that’s something you’re interested in.

We are planning to have AFC implemented in the Q2/Q3 timeframe once everything is situated with it and Federated. We’ve partnered with them so we’re just waiting at the moment. I haven’t heard more but I just got invited to join the WinnForum group so hopefully will learn more here soon.