A6 having problems with ubiquiti switches


Has anyone had a problem with the A6 plugging up to any ubiquiti switch ? We plug the A6 to ubiquiti Edge switch 24 port 500W with the latest firmware on the ubiquiti switch as well as the A6. We have a5x’s, c5x’s in the same switch with other ubiquiti equipment. We have ubiquiti M5’s, 24Ghz backhaul. But as soon as the A6 is plugged in the switch with everything else it makes the cpu go from 40% to 100% on the switch. The switch stops pinging, the A6 stops pinging as well… my network is bridged together not sure if that’s the reason why? But my whole network starts going crazy everything goes up and down on our monitoring system. But if I unplug the A6 my whole network goes back to normal. Any suggestions?

your problem is the power available for single POE port, your switch supports the following standards: POE+ IEEE 802.3at/af (15,4 or 30Watt x port), A6 consumes more energy than 30W, so this will cause a restart of the equipment due to exceeding the energy consumption.
You need to power the A6 with its own power supply or through switches that support the 802.3bt standard

@Gionata we are not powering the A6 through the switch. We are using Mimosa POE to power the radio. We are using a patch cable from the POE to the Switch. We are using Cat7 with shielded ends from POE to radio as well as the Patch cable.

Sounds like possibly a spanning tree issue. What do you see in the switch logs? Buffered event log in the web ui or show logging buffered from the cli.

Sounds like a crazy bridge loop, or… I am sure it is not your first choice but I would unplug everything except the A6 from switch and test.

If ok power up devices and plug into switch until isolated.


Spanning tree is turned off. It’s just weird as it effects other Vlans on my network as well. We have to unplug the switch from power also the A6 so it stops the problem. After it comes backs up it works just fine. Not sure if it is trying to talk to the other mimosa devices that are on my network or not. We have moved the A6 to a whole different switch and its own backhaul. We will be testing over the next couple days to what it does.