A6 in tool for planning

Can we get the A6 in the design tool for planning purposes? Can it be at your own risk/with a grain of salt?

Since the A6 hasn’t even gone off to the FCC for testing (well technically to a lab that does the testing) there’s little point in them building the planning tools. Frequently what happens before the end device gets certified is the testing facility fails a device multiple times for “seemingly random” things. (At least that’s the story I’ve heard form RF engineers who have gone through the testing process.)

Really, you are not going to see much RX signal difference between the A6 and an A5c + 90 degree panel antenna. The magic is all in the MU-MIMO and the AX standard that the new chips are based on. There will of course be some differences with the edge pattern, but you will probably want to avoid those kinds of connections anyways because a lot of the benefit if the A6 will be in it’s ability to use even larger channels.

Yes I can use the wrong antenna and jack the power to match EIRP. It simply would be a nice to have.

One would think that if you can buy these (and you can now) - that they would have them on their planner.

Not sure how it works with FCC lab testing and whatnot - but the design tool should have products that are for sale on there!


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Where can you buy A6s? They are in Pre-Order at Baltic, but I don’t actually see them available yet anywhere.

I guess I have to take that back - winncom.com has them - but there are 40 on order - so they don’t really.

Streakwave does not even list them if you search for them.

Sounds like Baltic will have them.

Still think that the design tool should have it in there - as it will encourage people to design with them.

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that the price point is not just a tad lower - and the fact that they are only 90 degrees means that I would need 4 on a tower for 360 coverage - that gets pricey quickly!

Well compared to the other MU-MIMO options out there it’s crazy cheap. Cambium’s 450M is 7k if you ask nicely. Tarana is 11k for the G1. Both of those are 90° and their CPE are double or more the cost.

But ya, it’s still quite a price jump. Though having 10G SFP+ ports makes me pretty excited.

10G SFP+ for the WIN!
Yea dont get me wrong - I am still kinda newish to some of this and ROI is not my department as they say!
“Disruptive pricing” right? I think that Ubiquity spoiled a lot of us in the industry. I will say however that I am impressed with Mimosa more than Ubiquity in general these days.

I for one am excited to see some of these in production -

As for the topic of this being about the design tool - I still hope the A6 gets added soon!


I think the A6 is a great value. 8x8 with dual SFP+ We are still subject to EIRP limits so the 7Gbps is just hype but it will match the speeds of a GPON at a reasonable range.
We are excited for the product.

So, is the A6 in the planning tool yet?

YES it IS!!!

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 3.56.42 PM

CPE’s Too:

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.01.23 PM


SFP+ is great especially if Mimosa had SFP+ back haul radios. Right now no way to get SFP+ speeds to a 6x with mimosa radios unless you use two radios and aggregate at a switch at the 6x node