A6 Performance? Any input is greatly appreciated

What kind of performance are people actually seeing with the A6 and C6X? We finally got 2 of the A6 in stock with 60 of the C6X’s. The tower we are putting them on is a lease tower and is going to be a process to get them installed and require several thousand dollars in application fees and all that jazz. Currently we use LTU for all of our tower sites, this is our first dip into the Mimosa eco system, therefor we have no idea what to expect and finding anything online is next to impossible. In order to roll these out we are going to have to install them above our LTU gear, change out CPE’s and then after some time pull down the LTU gear. I just want to make sure that what we are replacing is capable of handling the tasks. We do have alot of new Wave 60ghz gear installed above the LTU stuff, we arent looking for 500+mbps. Although having an AP that can deliver 200-250 reliably to the customer would be nice.

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And is it possible to use mimosa A6 to connect standard 802.11 clients like mikrotik cpe?

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This is not possible. A6 only allows connections from C6 clients.

In AC mode, you could potentially connect your Mikrotik clients but we have not tested with any third-party client radios.

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All around the world there are still a lot of WISP with mikrotik CPE… make a test with some reports may help us to decide for A6

This is in the testing phase, there is no line of sight and it is almost 7 km away. It’s amazing what the equipment

does and how it works. Although it still has a long way to go in the firmware part, imagine how it will work once it has a more complete and better tested firmware.

Can you share your CPE signal stats page for that link?

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Can you share real internet speedtest? Other user reporting good antenna speedtest but bad real world peformance as reported here A6 poor performace

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Nothing special worst than LTU in noisy (how much?) enviroment :frowning:

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Am i reading this right… 102.7 mbps receive and less then 2 mbps transfer? Surely that isnt right

You’re not Simple math is 1807 = 1.8 GB, were moving one to a quiet location we have 12 - A6’s were assuming the next firmware will help with these issues and more like no vlan’s, and no snmp.

I dont think youre correct. The top number that says “rate” is the current transfer rate. The bottom number youre referncing is the total amount of traffic passed on that interface. 1.8gb (notice theres no time frame specified) in a 20 mhz wide channel is theoretically impossible, physics simply wont allow that high of a transmit in that little of bandwidth.

Thats also why the graph matches the numbers im referencing (in the top box). The graph shows current throuput.

As I had commented in another post, here are parts of the tests, it should be noted that it is without line of sight and there are tree obstructions and no further alignment adjustments were made due to not having time.

are you using 80mhz in thsi test? what distance to the AP?

No, 160mhz channel and 7 KM distance.